Beautiful solid wood twin bed frame give it a nice polish and I will be back to its usual
Original color is white. Then painted pink then blue. Will need touched up Good condition. Pet and smoke fee No mattress Pick up only. I do not do meets. I do not deliver. Can be taken apart to transport I live in millcreek by McDowell
King size headboard with shelves and pull open storage. 2 towers for each side of bed with drawers and cupboard storage. Open shelving as well. Connects together or leave separate.
Folds out into a bed! Perfect shape! 3.00 Not in any sales Some group mall meets or porch pick up girard only!
I love this Kitchen Set! Very Solid, not Plastic! Gently used. No major wear and tear. You can see in the picture I put the kitchen on bed risers to extend the life of the kitchen as my kids grew taller. From a non-smoking home.
Let's kids know when it's okay to get out of bed by glowing green. Squeeze his stomach to turn him off. Plays soothing music if he's squeezed before wake up time. Working batteries. I used this type of statement to sleep train both my kids